Herodotus and the Invention of History today
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 1:15PM

Our seventh Marathon2500 lecture, "Herodotus and the Invention of History", by independent scholar Robert Strassler is live today, Tuesday, May 10 at 1pm New York time.

You can join us by clicking here:

Editor of the Landmark HerodotusLandmark ThucydidesLandmark Xenophon, Landmark Arrian and forthcoming editions, Robert Strassler is widely acclaimed for making the work of these ancient Greek historians accessible to modern readers. In his lecture, he will talk with Professor Paul Cartledge, A.G. Leventis Chair of Greek History at Cambridge and the chair of Marathon2500, about Herodotus, the first historian, and how in writing about the Persian Wars – incluiding the Battle of Marathon - Herodotus invented history.

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