Professor Paul Cartledge, Chairman of Marathon2500, A.G. Leventis Chair of Greek Culture, Cambridge

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Thanks to National Humanities Center

The National Humanities Center sent Marathon2500 invitations to their entire membership yesterday - and many are registering for our free webinars (and signing up their classrooms for the remote lecture network).

We at Marathon2500 thank the NHC for their support!

- Phil 


Marine Corp Marathon and the 10,000 Athenians...

The Marine Corp Marathon, an annual major marathon held in DC every year, plans to field 10,000 new runners this year.

We at Marathon2500 note that 10,000 happens to be the same number that fought on the Greek side (Athenians + Plateans) at Marathon.

- Phil 


Special thanks to

Special thanks to James Stathis and for their promotional support of Marathon2500!

Last night James sent an e-mail out to his mailing list encouraging them to sign-up for the Marathon2500 lecture series and Herodotus reading groups. Registrations have already started flowing in.

Welcome to Marathon2500, CelebrateGreece members! 

And for the Marathon2500 and Reading Odyssey communities, please thank James and his members by visiting their lovely site here:

- Phil 


Sign-ups for the kickoff lecture by Paul Cartledge

"The Context and Meaning of the Battle of Marathon: Why we are celebrating the 2,500 year anniversary"

We are seeing a rapid increase in the sign-ups for the kickoff lecture by Professor Paul Cartledge on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 5:30pm ET (2:30 Pacific).

Paul will be delivering the inaugural lecture at NYU's Center for Ancient Studies in front of a live audience there and a live global audience participating remotely via teleconference  and webinar.

To register for free to attend in person (or remotely via phone/webinar) click here:

- - -

Paul Cartledge, Hellenic Parliament Global Distinguished Professor in the History and Theory of Democracy at New York University and A.G. Leventis Professor Greek Culture, Cambridge University will talk about the context and meaning of the Battle of Marathon – and why we are celebrating the 2,500 year anniversary. A world expert on Athens and Sparta in the Classical Age, Professor Cartledge was chief historical consultant for the BBC TV series The Greeks and the Channel 4 series The Spartans, presented by Bettany Hughes. He is also a holder of the Gold Cross of the Order of Honour and an Honorary Citizen of (modern) Sparta.


Welcome to the Marathon 2500 Project!

Marathon2500 Anniversary Celebration

Registration is open for Marathon2500, the celebration of the 2,500 year anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. The Reading Odyssey's Marathon2500 features free 8-part web/phone-based lecture series and multiple sections of Herodotus (phone/web-based reading groups). 

- Kickoff lecture with Professor Paul Cartledge
Tuesday, September 28 at 6pm ET 
Live via web/phone or at NYU Center for Ancient Studies
Free registration and info

- Lecture #2 with Professor Peter Krentz
Tuesday, October 12 aat 4pm ET 
Live via web/phone 
Free registration and info

- Herodotus reading groups
Free registration and information

More lecture links coming soon.

Spring 2010 events/reading groups in process:
Shakespeare In the Spring (Hamlet, King Lear, Twelfth Night)
Xenophon's Hellenika 

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