Professor Paul Cartledge, Chairman of Marathon2500, A.G. Leventis Chair of Greek Culture, Cambridge

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The mission at the Reading Odyssey is to help inspire curiosity and lifelong learning. Everything we do is *free* - the lecture series and reading groups - everything. 

And while we have no budget, we do have the hard work of leading scholars, grassroots volunteers and sponsors that donate their technology-based services and make it possible for the Reading Odyssey programs to be free.

Thanks to:

Citrix Online
Citrix Online provides all the webinar and teleconference technology that makes possible the lectures and reading groups of all of the Reading Odyssey programs. They deserve our big thanks and support! Sign-up for a free trial. You won't regret it. They do a great job.

Constant Contact
Constant Contact provides all of our newsletter and e-mail database services - making possible this invitation and all of our other e-mail-based communications. Go try Constant Contact. You'll be pleased.

National Humanities Center supports the Reading Odyssey by helping us provide our free program resources to all of their many members. We thank them. They deserve all of our support and more.

Phillips Data
Phillips Data provides hosting, domain and development services to the Reading Odyssey and all of our programs. One of the friendliest "vendors" - get in touch with Phillips Data if you want some hosting or web application programming. Tell them Phil Terry sent you.

Squarespace provides website building and hosting services for the programs of the Reading Odyssey. If you have a website to build, then go to Squarespace. Their easy-to-use tools are great for individuals, small business, nonprofits and projects of all kinds.
Specail thanks to and Dr. James Stathis for all of their support!